Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Salt Mines


Saltzburg, Austria, 1986. Kenneth, Dad, Naomi, Me, Aenea, Eden. I thought those outfits were so cool when we had to put them on before we went into the salt mines. I remember feeling like I was the 'Karate Kid'. View Larger Size from Flickr.


  1. Not the sharpest of the slides, but it is definitely a cool photo. I had completely forgotten about these outfits when we were at Saltzburg. I do remember going down the slides in the mine on burlap sacks though.

  2. No, it's not a very sharp slide. There are a couple of other interesting pictures though, so I'll have to post one of those too. There are some of us going down the slides, some of us in the boat on the underground lake, and a couple on the 'train' going through the mining tunnels.

    I forgot to mention it in the post, but I still remember getting one of those small salt container souvenirs too.

    My first idea for this picture was to have the in-laws guess why we were dressed like that but nobody would have guessed right. Maybe I should have done that might have been amusing to see some of the guesses.

  3. You do look like the karate kid. Kenneth looks like a priest.